ब्लॉग का विवरण

आधार कार्ड- पहचान पत्र

Publish on January 14, 2017

It's been more than 4 years where UIDAI officially announced that Aadhar Card can be used as an "Age Proof" document.Even though after making such statement, Aadhar Card is still not accepted as Age Proof and only accepted as Proof of Address and Proof of Identity in government offices. Same thing in banking sector also, the banks only accepts Aadhaar Card as address proof and not as a valid age proof document. Earlier Aadhaar Card didn't include Date of Birth but it was only included when you had provided valid Date of Birth document while enrolling for Aadhaar. So those who had provided Date of Birth Document in their Aadhaar Application they would get complete date of birth mentioned on their Aadhaar Card and those who didn't provided any Date of Birth Document only Year of Birth would have mentioned on their Aadhaar Card.